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Charity is a universal characteristic of Masonry. It has been said that “the Masonic Way is to give without remembering and to receive without forgetting.” Below are some of our Lodge's causes and initiatives to which you can contribute.

Campaign running through 2025

We are raising money to purchase the next bloodhound for the York County Sheriff's Department. This dog will assist the Missing Child Task Force, also known as the York County Child Abduction Response Effort Team. We will be working over the course of three years to raise the necessary $70,000 that will pay for the cost of the dog, his training, and the special vehicle he is housed in when on duty.

Campaign runs Thanksgiving through Christmas

Working with the Northeastern School District we are able to supply gift cards to families in need to help make sure that they have a great Christmas. Gift cards are used to buy food for Christmas dinner as well as presents for the children.

Event is held every April

Working with the Northeastern School District, we give less fortunate kids a chance to have a great day learning to fish at the Starview Sportsmen's Association pond. There is special entertainment and they are given hoodies/jackets. They are also fed breakfast and lunch and sent home with dinner. The cost to sponsor a child is $30, but a donation of any amount is appreciated!

Event is held every August

Every August, before the new school year, the Backpack Giveaway is held at the Northeastern High School cafeteria. Kids can come and receive a backpack full of all the school supplies they will need for the year and a free haircut from a barber or stylist. Money donated to this cause will help pay for the backpacks and the school supplies.

Event is held every November

On a Saturday in November we setup stations at dollar stores all across York County to collect items for Veteran's Helping Hand, a local organization that helps homeless veterans. All of the collected items get stuffed into a tractor trailer and delivered. In 2022, we collected over 18,000 items from members of the community. Any money donated to this cause will be used to purchase additional items to be added to the truck.

Lodge No. 451 General Fund

Monies donated towards the General Fund are used for the operating costs of the Lodge. This could be anything from office supplies to paying for repairs to the Masonic Center when a special assessment is required.

Lodge No. 451 Almoner's Fund

Our Almoner’s Fund is dedicated to the relief of worthy distressed members and their families. This could mean paying a utility bill, purchasing groceries, covering repairs, or any other necessity.

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